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CEO of Hieroglyph LLC

99 Wall St.  suite 1586

New York, New York 10005

Pharaoh Allah

Phone: (347) 217-3784

A Bit About 9Hieroglyph

   At Hieroglyph, my first step was seen as not just that dream step into reality but as a normal step after the first as I built this platform to access the tool of life...THINKING!

   After organizing my own Publishing/Entertainment Company and moving beyond the red tape it has become the light of my life, the nourishment of my being, the essence of all that I know, so it gives me the strength to carry on and to extend my reaching hand to you because it's obvious that you are the remaining piece of the puzzle, which when joined together completes the total picture.

   As a C.E.O. and as a Man, I strongly recommend reading during your life. It provides the best protection to you and your future. With eyes on the Future big changes are on the horizon so it is up to you my friends' to initiate action and at Hieroglyph Publishing/Entertainment it's all about that big talk so spread the word.


As the World turns:

What we know:

Know how:

We focus on the needs of learning and strive to serve our customers with the highest quality content in Books, Music and Apparel, so all of the Company's materials are made and created with you in mind.

We know that the best way to understand is by opening the chambers of the mind. Based in that fact, I feel free to be myself because my best ideas came from places that holds the darkest of truths. In that, we at Hieroglyph knows that learning is an evolutionary process that keeps generating valuable life development.

Going out and doing what you do well. Why, because you never stop learning and in that you respond to life better to be your authentic self which should be the norm so with that unique style of thinking you are in the flow of life.

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Hieroglyph LLC

99 Wall St. suite 1586

New York, N.Y. 10005


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