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The Hill is a three-part series. This is part one. will be coming soon.



Coming Soon

     This story is told from a place of confinement, King finds himself trapped among those whom the World rejects because he sacrificed for the greater good because God stands beside those who are strong beside him. So, he sits in a prison cell thinking and recalling a pastime while kicking the Willy Bobo with his neighbor.

In the Ocean Hill Brownsville section, King and his small street family consisted of Nine members, including the girls who would become the cornerstone of change and then it was their homeboy Arnie out in Queens who gave them a bit more footing in the game. King organized them around collective thinking in '86 upon his release from Riker's. From that point forward their rule will be known all throughout the districts making "The Brains" become the undisputed leaders. See, in all truth, King governs with a iron hand, but he couldn't do it by himself, so he realized early on that working with his partner Born their two brains collectively working together proves better than one.

This isn't the average hood tale of a street family from Brooklyn, so it may differ slightly from others as the story unfolds and pulls the reader into a rapture of how it is to be removed from a seat of power, influence and then placed behind bars to be locked away in a World of chaos, confusion, and madness. This builds a hunger in King to fill his appetite after most on the streets thought that he may have lost his mind for his last acts in the neighborhood.


Ocean Hill, Brooklyn


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Book 1


So, in truth, it's not the write's track record here which makes this material touch on so many feelings, and realize that the street hustle was only a choice of lifestyle that will make the reader become embellished with the beautiful account of details and the melody of a hood star and his family who set some guidelines for the reader to become familiar with how things were in the hood of the 16 district of Ocean Hill Brownsville.

Although this book is an imaginative creation and its content is not necessarily based on facts, the names, characters, places, and incidents are the true product of this write's vivid imagination as the characters are formed in a life-like image on what life was like on The Hill, so any resemblance to actual event, locations or persons living and the deceased are coincidental.


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Here, the symbol moves the idea. The ideas are Freedom and Dignity encircled to life carried forward in its beauty. All The Matrix has is its body not the sum of its parts to function, so the idea will be!


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Worst Behavior

(Book 2)

Coming Soon

The written word of "THE HILL" will be the favorite of all the storytellers of any said Urban Tale. It lets you reflect on a fairy tale past of the mid 80's and early 90's.

   The streets are full of hustlers, children are out playing in the park, Mothers watch over their precious souls as the smell of life fills the air, flowers show their true beauty while covetous people roam the neighborhood...liars, deceivers and evil doers. This is the picture of Urban life in the '90's so Crews govern the hood as protecters and evil doers, so this also becomes a picture of how corrupt life has become among the indigenous population confined in America.


   The deeds of these Hood Stars of the 16 District of Ocean Hill show their ass while living as true muthafuckin' street hustlers. The grossness found in their acts cannot be attributed to what is Civilized. Yet, they prove that the street hustling drug dealer has borrowed from or has given to every department of Society when displaying the ability of being entrepreneurs. See, King and Born mastered the taught and learnt science of chemistry when getting their hands on that cocaine and cooking it up into that control substance of crack roc, so nowhere will you find richer treasures than on these pages as you're romance by the characters who live out their Hood Stardom Tale.


   Their power is boundless, they stood by their brothers and lovers the same, and in that they found the true ability to erect their wings like the Phoenix coming back from a 500-year rest pushed up from under the buried arid ashes to shine bright like a diamond. 

   This made them dope to be around. It's like that "Manna" what it is: strength, durability and straight know how while gaining insight and treatment in the hood from the dowagers. That's Knowledge without debt. Proving again that the rawest dope is girls.

   Their brothers, lovers and Community was up against the 8-ball, black in their sense of the word and damn proud of it. There was order in it, it was love around it making the wisdom in it an ever-changing source that's always shared. The real deal surrounding them have emotional depths and a timeless Urban theme of identity, love, revenge and most of all respect. This making the sisters in these tales' dope as fuck!



                                           -THE HILL- 

                                      ITS LIFE SOUCRE

Wisdom of a Woman, she holds the source of life.

(The Saga Concludes)
Book 3
Coming soon

   The details of this story is a rebirth of Hood Stardom in the big City where bright lights boost fortune to fame after you've realize that your back is against the 8-ball. So, "The Crew" of the Ocean Hill Brownsville Section is taking steps to do something that has never been done before. This Family of outlaws dare to do their own thing in Real Estate/Business to change the game and their lives. 

   King, the godhead still sits at the top of the Family, beside him in rank we're Born, his brother/partner, and his lil' brother True, so the Family under these two leaders and young capo became a carefully structured enterprise after taking over small parts of their neighborhood and trying to stay low because the hardest thing for most brothers was seeing the big picture of thing.

   There is so much to tell and so much that needs to come to light of them being caught up in the game. This all can lead to failure in the long run, but they keep it pushing because life has its way of unfolding. So, by way of illustration "The Brains" showed those under them how to be adequately prepared to assume responsibility as contributing members in the community.

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