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Velvet Black Merch

 Velvet Black Merch is manifested with a quality that is found only among the distinguished Brands. With our Natural gift for styles and creation, we deliver the best of both here with "Velvet Black." 

This proves that all the above-mentioned creations and styles are in the gift, so the same is equally true of 9hieroglyph being solid and most durable like black ebony wood. Hieroglyph prides itself on our professionalism and more so on special orders: *Family reunions, Company gatherings, adult, teen, or children parties, or gatherings. We do Fishing, Law enforcement, baseball, basketball, car racing, dirt bikes (two/four wheels), or just tees for lovers, we do it all with a 10% discount. 

9hieroglyph above all has the passion flaming like the hot press to deliver satisfied goods with the imprinted Company Logo. As for trustworthiness, we ask that you make your orders 3 weeks in advance and please keep in mind that full orders take up to 21 days but know they will excel all other brands.

Our Services



Here, at 9hieroglyph we show case our Velvet Black Collection which consist of high fashion tees (L. Sleeves, S. Sleeves, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Caps, Banners, etc.), with our Crown Royal Collection of Jewelry, and Male Chest Bags. Every item of our catalog is branded to be the best!

You can go into the examples to view our brands, colors, and prices. 



We look to satisfy you with our many styles and would like to inform you that we do imprinted merch for Family Reunions, Business Outings, Girl Trips or just for you, etc..

To see more styles don't forget to "Load More," at the end of each page and if you have specific ideas on a style and format you can reach out to the Company to speak with someone.



This and the shop page are a display of our show case from a professional vision.

And here's why:

9hieroglyph is the branded title and we work for all ages on the merchandise. Looking at our display is only a small vision of what we do.

If orders are made for 'Events' (gatherings) make them 3 to 4 weeks in advance!

silver Logo-01-02-01 (1).png

V.B.M. Mission

9hieroglyph springs from the root of Hieroglyph LLC and our mission is to provide great services to all, so I am assisting (The C.E.O.) in the progressive evolution to continue creating, and in so doing, looking to give proper services. Our Company uses Shippo to mail all our products based on their fast delivery service.

So, make an order and sign up in minutes to become a site and app member so you'll be one of the first ones notified on new book releases and our monthly release of new tees! 


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