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T-Shirt examples; review prices

Champion 12oz/lin.yd. double dry Eco pullover Hood/S700, sizes:     Price $55


COLORS: Silver grey, light steel, scarlet, dark green, charcoal heather, white, maroon, black, navy, gold royal blue.


Gildan Adult Heavy Blend 13.3oz/lin. yd. 50/50 G18, sizes:        , Price $50


COLORS: White, red, light blue, maroon, orange, black, navy, ash, gold, forest green, royal blue, military green, charcoal, indigo blue, sand, sapphire, purple, cardinal red, dark heather, antique cherry red, dark chocolate, Irish green, light pink, garnet, heliconia, safety green, Carolina blue, S orange, sport grey, safety pink, antique sapphire, Hth sp dark green, Hthr sport royal, Ht sprt dark navy, Ht sp dark maroon.

T-Shirt examples; review prices

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