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Masterpiece of Vision

Updated: Feb 10

The masterpiece in life is being able to use the mind, that is when the real work starts and the deeds of adulthood kick in to display the best of character, so today my words of truth have my back: The Book: "Can I Speak on It," is the real deal. The book is very insightful, funny, and quite entertaining. The price is 16.99, which is a steal.

The truth turns falsehood around to be in your face, so we must be aware that communication in the written words of poetry is the persuasiveness of language. It is an old language that develops into love. The release of "Pretty Ricky" (The Flow of Wisdom and Poetry) is coming soon as a winning strategy to keep ahead of our primary goal. Here, from the ancient to the modern, the balance is love. That allows people to connect on that affectionate level of sharing invested energy and experience of life with no strings attached. This secures the source...Love/Life! This is how we get there by the Neteru of Geb/Nut (Male and Female) it is the root! The price for "Pretty Ricky" will be 16.99 upon its release. Following that will be "The Hill (Every Story Has a Beginning)," an Ocean Hill Brownsville tale. The beautiful account of details and the melody of the unfolding acts of this street Family from Pacific Street and Saratoga Ave set a standard for the reader to become familiar with how things were in the hood of the 16 districts of Brooklyn. *Both books coming soon!

Here at Hieroglyph, it's one vision, one mission, and one focus to deliver the best from our book releases to our "Crown Royal Collection" of jewelry because Hieroglyph's goal is to turn a dream into reality and show the truth in it to where you can see it. Here, we dive into our newest development **"Velvet Black Merch" our Tee-Shirt Brand. We have short-sleeved tees, long-sleeve tees, hoodies, and caps of 9hieroglyph unique styles and great colors. Plug in, check us out, and become an app member by signing up to stay updated.

Be Great!


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3 ความคิดเห็น

I just ordered the book. I look forward to reading the message.


The book sound like it's gonna be very enlightening and exciting to read.


It is truly Knowledgeable ❤️❤️

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