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The Flow of Life!

Updated: Feb 10

It is a must that we as individuals look deep into our minds to strive and learn what makes us, us. There are a lot of qualities that we share collectively, and some that we have as individuals. For me, I am assisting in the progressive evolution of the creation of hieroglyph Publishing/Entertainment, and in so doing we have a book moving to become a best seller; "Can I Speak on It." *We have two new books coming soon: "Pretty Ricky (The Flow of Wisdom and Poetry)," and "The Hill (Every Story Has a Beginning), an Ocean Hill Brownsville tale from Brooklyn's 16 district. We also have a new department; "Velvet Black Merch" our tee shirt brand. We have a great display on the site at so join on and become a site member to align with the stars! Now, it's a 10% discount on all online orders so come on broad and bring a friend for the ride. Be great and leave a review!

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