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Velvet Black Merch Ladies

Updated: Feb 10


To all my ladies, my name is Pharaoh, and I work for Hieroglyph Publishing/Entertainment at I am keen to share my thoughts with you. Y'all know that it's a lot easier to spoil a Man or your Man to keep y'all working together or for you to get what you want later, and Hieroglyph have the gifts!

You know that he likes to dress, and you have the money so get him one of our Graphic Tees, Caps, sweatshirts, or something from our "Crown Royal" pieces from our small unique jewelry collection. Let him stunt in 9hieroglyph imprinted brands.

Our "Velvet Black Merch" section on the site is manifested with a quality that is found only among distinguished brands. With our natural gift for styles and creation, we deliver the best of both here with Velvet Black.

Take the power and move in momentum because you should be saying nothing at all because you know what to do. He's worthy of it or you wouldn't be with him and there are no hammers or nails required!

Note: We have tees for Male/Female. We do caps, hoodies, sweatshirts, water bottles, and mugs. Let's keep it together! Check us out at

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